Supporting Christ Lutheran


Together, we have experienced the beauty of faith and relationships made stronger through giving and receiving. 

By gathering together our collective gifts, we are able to be the church for all people. Through a variety of backgrounds and experiences, we live together, celebrating that we are bigger than just ourselves. We experience joy by following Jesus's example of generosity toward those most in need. Together we practice that generosity to respond to all that God is already doing in the world. 


How is my contribution spent? 

Our philosophy on finances is simple - invest heavily in being followers of Jesus Christ in Woodcliff Lake, the surrounding towns, New Jersey, and throughout the world. We use our physical space to be a place of worship, faith formation, and connection to the wider community. We respond to needs in the community by utilizing the gifts we are given. As a place of spiritual formation, connection, and life, we have a lean budget that focuses on loving God and the community. When you give to CLC, you know your contribution is about sharing God's light through all that we're doing together. 

I'm insterested in pledging. How can I do that?

For 2024, we are introducing a way to submit your pledge online. Visit to complete the form. Your pledge information is kept confidential and can be increased or decreased at any time.

Thank you! 

By sharing your gifts and offering with God through CLC, we are able to continue to grow into the community God is producing in this place. Together our generosity is helping people connect to God, creating community, and enabling us all to respond to what God is already doing in our neighborhood and the world.

How to Give

1. Pray. You are a gift and God grants you gifts to live out Christ's love in the world. Don't forget to include God in your financial planning and conversation.

2. Invite your friends and neighbors to church. This community is awesome because our people are awesome. Invite people you know because our community is never finished; it's always growing, changing, and becoming something new.  

3. Pledge. Each year, we return to God a portion of what God has given us. Pledge cards are available in the fall of each year. 

4. Write a check! In worship, sign a check made out to Christ Lutheran Church and place in an offering envelope located in the pew. If you would like personalized offering envelopes, please let us know by checking the box on the offering envelope or emailing the church office

5. Give Online through your checking account: It's easy to manage your giving by clicking here. You can manage when you give, how often, and how much by just clicking here and setting up an account. Never run the risk of forgetting your checkbook at home or missing a pledge when you are on vacation. Your bank will transfer the fund electronically.  If you need help, click here for detailed instructions or email our Financial Secretary Pat Daub and she will help you get setup.

6. Do you shop online at Shop through and a portion of your purchases will be sent to us. 0.5% of your purchases made through will be sent directly to us. When you setup your account, search for Christ Lutheran Church in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. 

7. Are you a member of Thrivent Financial Services? Direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Christ Lutheran Church. See more information about Thrivent below.   

8. Leave something in your will. Memorial gifts can be designated to support specific ministries. For gifts that are not specified, we work with families to make sure that the right memorial is created and used to glorify God and the memory of the person God gifted to us. 


Thrivent Choice Dollars

Thrivent Financial is a non-profit financial organization that helps people live generosity. The profits they raise are given back to the wider community. The Thrivent Choice® program encourages members of Thrivent to recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes these grant funds.  Members make this recommendation by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations which includes CLC!

If you are a benefit member of Thrivent (for example: you have life insurance through thrivent, an annuity, or other financial products), make sure to visit and select Christ Lutheran Church, Woodcliff Lake, for your benefit dollars.