Worship Schedule


Sunday Worship


Summer Worship Schedule
One Service on Sunday at 9:30 am

Our entire worship service is in the bulletin. Our worship order every Sunday is printed in our bulletin. All music, songs, and prayers are there. We invite the entire congregation to speak out loud the parts that are in bold. We do our best to make the service as welcoming as possible to the person who is brand new to our church, the Christian faith, or who have been attending CLC for 60 years. 

Holy Communion is celebrated on Sunday. Communion instructions are printed in each Sunday bulletin. We serve bread, gluten-free wafers, red wine, and white grape juice. You are invited to kneel (as able) at the rail to receive the body and blood of Jesus or a blessing. Children who commune should hold out their hands to the server. For all who desire a blessing, please fold your arms to your chest as a signal to Pastor your desire for a blessing. 

Wireless Hearing Aids are available upon request by speaking to an usher. They allow you the freedom to sit anywhere in the sanctuary. 

For the visually impaired large print copies of the worship bulletin are also available in the Narthex as you enter.

Children in Church Thank you for bringing your child to church. Whether they're newborns, toddlers, pre-schoolers, or high schoolers, we are so grateful that you make the faith life of your child an important part of your life. Children are full of wiggles. Children will talk and sometimes shout. Children will sometimes wander around the sanctuary. And sometimes children won't be quiet even when you ask them to be. That's all okay. Children learn church when they are at church. They are listening even when we don't think they are. We invite kids to stay in the church service the entire time because they are members of the body of Christ.

If you need to step out for a moment with your child, there is a Nursery and Parent /Infant Room for infants and young children.  These rooms are located off the hallway from the side door to the sanctuary. There is also a private bathroom with a changing table located in the Parent / Infant Room for your convenience. TV screens in each room show the service so you won't miss anything.