I have a small red book that I carry with me everywhere I go. The binding is worn, the cover is in leather, and some pages have folded corners with a little candle wax obscuring the words. This little red book is my Pastoral Care book, filled with prayers, scripture readings and worship services. When I visit a hospital, the book comes with me. When I'm sharing holy communion with someone at home, this is the book I use. And when I'm blessing a house or an apartment that someone has moved into, I'm holding this in my left hand and turning its pages with my right. This book holds prayers, but it also holds memories. It holds the memories of people I've known, buried, blessed and celebrated. This little book is more than just something to read—it is a physical reminder of who Jesus is and that Jesus is with us, always.

How do you remember that Jesus is with you? Do you carry a cross around your neck or maybe keep your grandmother's Bible on your nightstand? Or maybe a physical object isn't what stirs your faith. Maybe there's a song you hum, a melody that is always in the back of your mind. And with springtime in full force, maybe getting our hands dirty in our gardens connects us with our God who constantly creates. Or maybe we're inviting friends to sit on our porch or join us for a picnic. By being in each other's company, we give thanks that God brings friends, neighbors and even strangers into our lives because God is love. When we proclaim that God is with us, God is experienced in more than just one way. God is here. When we see the world, we're seeing more than just the scene in front of us. We're also seeing God's presence, too.

This May I invite you to see God's presence. Take a look at your children playing and notice God. Even when we're caught in traffic, God is there among the honks. Stop by the church on Tuesday nights, enter our Genesis Garden, and see God in the planting of vegetables that will feed our neighbors in need. And when our day is done and silence surrounds you, know that the air is filled with Jesus' love for you and for the entire world.

See you in church!
Pastor Marc