Spring is starting flower! As I write this, the first blooms of the season are appearing at the house where I live. The grass is turning green, trees are starting to bud, and yellows, blues, whites, and purples are making themselves known. The signs of new birth are all around. It's beautiful.  

This new birth is also exciting. This is my first spring in my new house which means I have no idea what plants are going to come out of the ground. The previous owners planted bulbs and shrubs during their fifty years there. Even though the lawn started to overgrow these last few years, their tender love and care for where they lived is now mine. My family and I have inherited their handy work. Each day, as we watch robins, blue jays, and cardinals fly through the trees, my kids and I discover a new flowering gift. Each flower is unexpected. Each bloom is brand new to us. Each plant is an opportunity to give thanks for the hands that planted it and to celebrate the new life that has come forth. 

Unexpected flowering gifts; that's what the Easter season is about. The door to the tomb is open. Jesus couldn't stay locked inside. Like the flowers blooming in my garden, Jesus' coming forth from the ground was unexpected and exciting. Even his close friends didn't know what would happened. Even Jesus' followers didn't really believe him when he said he would return. When the cold ground covered him up, the disciples thought they knew what would come next. They didn't expect that the new life given to us by Jesus is going to be exactly that: life. 

This Easter season, let's give thanks for those unexpected gifts in our lives. Let's see the flowers, the buds, and notice that God's future is already here. Jesus has broken through the ground so we, in our lives and in our world, can too. 

See you in church!

Pastor Marc