December is a month full of expectation. I expect to wake up Christmas morning and to find at least one present under the tree for me. I expect to find myself shoveling snow. I expect to wear sweaters inside my drafty house. And I expect to be stressed out trying to negotiate gift buying, holiday parties, and trying to hold everything together during a very busy time at church. I expect a lot from December and I think December expects a lot out of us. 

For the four weeks before Christmas, starting on November 29, we'll be in the season of Advent. Advent is a time of expectation but it's more than just expecting large crowds at the mall. Advent is a march towards Christmas, when we celebrate the coming of God in the incarnation (birth) of Jesus. God chose to live a human life, to walk, talk, cry, and celebrate like we do. God came to bring us life but this life isn't limited to a past event 2000 years ago. Christ didn't just come on one Christmas morning. Christ comes, over and over again, into our present life, transforming us to live into God's unfolding future. During Advent, we expect that Christmas will come and we expect that Jesus is coming to us right now, in the church and throughout our lives to bring life to our world. Advent is about celebrating that God will do what God promises by loving us and the entire world.

This December, I invite you to look for the God we expect to come. Discover how God is working at Christ Lutheran Church and in your life. Notice God at your workplaces, school, in your families, and even while you're waiting in line at Old Navy. Look for God because God is there, with you, loving the world and showing you how to love the world too.

See you in church!
Pastor Marc