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Is Or About? The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

10/29/2017 Pastor Marc  John 8:31-36 

Whose Head: No Fineprint Faith

10/22/2017 Pastor Marc  Matthew 22:15-22 

Speechless: Another Violent Parable

10/15/2017 Pastor Marc  Matthew 22:1-14 

Renovation: violent texts after violent events

10/8/2017 Pastor Marc  Matthew 21:33-46 

Eraser: Jonah is about more than a whale.

9/24/2017 Pastor Marc  Jonah 3:10-4:11 

Who Are You: Food Fight Edition

9/17/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 14:1-12 


9/10/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 13:8-14 

A Living Sacrifice

8/27/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 12:1-8 

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Paul affirms the Jewish People

8/20/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 11:1-2,29-32 

Who Brings Good News: Righteousness and Charlottesville

8/13/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 10:5-15 

To and From

8/6/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 9:1-5 

Sighs Too Deep For Words: Faithful Companions

7/30/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 8:26-39 

Spirit of Life

7/16/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 8:1-11 

Do The Twist: Romans 7 and the Flemington Neshanocks

7/9/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 7:15-25 

Set Free: Romans & Lutherans & 1776

7/2/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 6:12-23 

What Can We? A sermon on Jesus and Paul in Rome

6/25/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 6:1-11 

The Right Time: When Is The Right Time for the Gift of Faith?

6/18/2017 Pastor Marc  Romans 5:1-11 

The Seed of It All: forgetting and remembering

6/11/2017 Pastor Marc  Matthew 28:16-20 

Make It So: The Spirit is More Than a Dove

6/4/2017 Pastor Marc   Acts 2:1-21 

Is This The Time: a sermon on a question that is really a prayer

5/28/2017 Pastor Marc  Acts 1:6-14 

Keep My Commandments: a sermon on dos rather than don'ts.

5/21/2017 Pastor Marc  John 14:15-21 

Who Sees: a sermon on Jesus saying we can do what he did. Really?

5/14/2017 Pastor Marc  John 14:1-14 

In Common: what the Holy Spirit asks you to do

5/7/2017 Pastor Marc  Acts 2:42-47 

The Long Walk: Life Giving Living Through

4/30/2017 Pastor Marc  Luke 24:13-35 

Locked: what Jesus does when the front doors are locked

4/23/2017 Pastor Marc  John 20:19-31 

Ground Goes Boom. An Easter sermon on noise and silence.

4/16/2017 Pastor Marc  Matthew 28:1-10 

Companion: A sermon on noticing what's hidden.

4/13/2017 Pastor Marc  John 13:1-17,31-35 

A Wide Saddle: Jesus rides a donkey and a colt at the same time.

4/9/2017 Pastor Marc  Matthew 21:1-11 

4 Days Later: a sermon on eternal life and the message Jesus sends

4/2/2017 Pastor Marc  John 11:1-45 

Period. A sermon on punctuation and who Jesus sees.

3/26/2017 Pastor Marc  John 9:1-41 

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