Raise the Roof

Dear Friends of Christ Lutheran Church, it's time to Raise the Roof!

What is Raise the Roof?
Raise the Roof is a capital campaign funding the replacement of roofs in our church complex. Many of our buildings have flat roofs. These roofs have leaked for years. In June 2017, the church committed itself to replace the flat roofs with slanted roofs. These roofs should be a 35+ year fix and fix our leaks. 

Why Raise the Roof right now?
Our property is a gift from God. We are called to manage and use this piece of property to live generous and giving lives. When our roofs leak, we are unable to show hospitality to all the different groups who use your facility. Our Sunday School classrooms are not currently in use because of the leaks. There are concerns our annual Trash and the Treasure Sale might have major issues if our fellowship hall couldn't be used. A new roof gives us new opportunities to further God's kingdom in new and exciting ways. 

What is our financial goal?
After all the bills were paid, our fundraising goal was reduced to $104,063.

We originally committed ourselves to raise $150,000 through December 2019. 

How much will this cost? 
We set aside $300,000 for this project. Initial funding will come from taking loans from our long term investments and other resources. The $150,000 will repay any funds taken from our long term investments. Final cost for the project is approximately $250,00. 

When will the roofs be replaced?
Work started November 7! The Opsal Hall is the first one being worked on. Framing for the new roof began on November 9. The church office entrance was finalized on January 30. The final pieces were in place before Easter Sunday!  

What is the current status of the project?
This space will be reserved to give updates on the project. 

February 4, 2019 Update: The Property Team has done a great job fixing up our Sunday School rooms. They look great! We've also updated our current campaign total as well. Check it out below. 

March 30, 2018 Update: Have you driven by the church at night? The window above the office entrance lights up, sharing the love of Christ even in the deep shadow of the night. 

January 31 Update: The church office entrance is almost finished! A new window was installed, gutters were added, and it has a new shape. We have one more piece to add before everything is wrapped up.

December 7 Update: The shingles are up! The church office entrance is being updated, windows are being replaced, and new chimneys are being installed. The roofs are nearing completion and we are on schedule to be finished before Christmas. 

November 28 Update: Sunday School Classrooms and our Fellowship hall are roofed! Work over the remaining 3 sections started on the 27. We expect framing to be completed this week. We'll also start redoing the entrance to the church offices. Things are looking great!

November 8 Update: Work started yesterday (November 7). We are starting on Opsal Hall first. The roof is being removed and then will be replaced. After a monster rainstorm on Tuesday afternoon and night, things are drying up and looking great.

November 2 Update: A pile of wood is here and ready to be used. Work has started later than we expected but our timeline is still the same. Pledge cards and donations to the campaign continue to arrive everyday. 

October 9 Update: Permits from the town have gone through. Our builder has made the necessary measurements. We expect work to begin the week of October 23. Pledge cards and donations to the campaign continue to arrive everyday. 

September 27 Update: Contract is signed and work will start soon! Permits are being applied and our builder is working with the city of Woodcliff Lake. Once some final measurements are done, an order for materials will be placed. Those will arrive on site in three to four weeks.

What is the current financial pledges and giving?
71,050 donated (as of February 28, 2019)

How much left to raise?
33,013 needed (as of February 28, 2019)

I will like to know more. Where can I find more information?
This slideshow was shared at our June 2017 meeting. It contains images of current damage, ideas for funding, and more. The information shows an initial funding idea of $250,000. During the meeting, the congregation increased that amount to $300,000. 

This is an FAQ we mailed out in September 2017.

This is the initial pledge letter we mailed in September 2017

Great! How do I give? 
First of all, pray, pray, pray! Review the information on this website. If you are local, please walk around the buildings to see the damage. The church will give you any accurate and relevant information to assist you in your decision-making. We know everyone’s circumstance is different and invite you to give a gift born out of faith. Can you give $20 a month? A one time gift of $500 or $1000 or $10,000?

Your gift can be given at anytime by mailing a check to the church office, dropping one off during worship, or clicking here to give electronically through your checking acount. If you have any questions or want to talk about what you can give, please call Pastor Marc at 201-391-4224.

Project Shots (in descending order)

On October 21, Alan took a few pictures with his drone. Here's the before pics! 


On November 1, lumber arrived. 

On November 7 and 8, work began on the Opsal Hall.

On November 9, framing of Opsal began. This is what the roof will look like. 


On November 16, a storm couldn't stop work over the 2nd floor Sunday School Classrooms.

On November 27, framing over the Sonshine Room (library) started.

On November 29, work continues!

On December 7, shingles were completed, new chimneys are being installed, and the church office entrance takes shape.

On December 10, the roof and entrance looked great in our first snowfall of the season.

On January 30, the church office entrance was being updated. 

On March 21, the new stained glass window was in place.