First Time Here?

We worship. We learn. We serve. We grow.

Christ Lutheran Church gathers together to worship God, to explore what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ, to make the world around us a better place, and to live lives that journey in faith. We never say that we have everything figured out. We don't claim to have all the answers. But we believe that the journey God has given us is important and we're here to go on this journey together. 

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What are people like at Christ Lutheran? 
Christ Lutheran reflects the diversity of Northern Bergen County. People from all races, cultures, colors, ages, backgrounds, and abilities call us home. Young families and old, single people and widows, immigrants and longtime residents of New Jersey make us who we are. The person sitting next to you might be a charter member of our community or might have walked into the church today for the first time. We love being Christians and we love being Luthearns, knowing that these identities are gifts from God. But that's not all! We celebrate your identity as a gift from God too and we know that our wider identity comes from all the unique people who call Christ Lutheran their church. We can't wait to see how your identity changes Christ Lutheran makes us a stronger reflection of the God of us all.

What's Sunday Worship like?
Due to the effects of the pandemic, we are still discovering what worship at our church will look like. For those who choose not to come, there is an online service available on our facebook page. Worship starting on June 28, 2020 will take place outdoors at 10 am. The service will include music, songs, and responses but will limit what we do together. We are called to worship faithfully and safely - and so that is what we'll do. We make sure that our entire worship service is printed in the bulletin so that any one can follow along. Worship is an opportunity to be with God and we do all we can to make Sunday morning a time of joy, prayer, reflection, and love. 

What about children and families? 
Come! Bring yourself and your children. We include elementary school students in worship, as readers, collectors of the offering, and our Confirmation age students help with lighting of candles and communion. Youth will also lead worship and even preach. Beyond worship, we have a dedicated Sunday School program from 9:40 to 10:20 am, First Communion classes, a Confirmation program for 7th and 8th graders (this year's class is 15 students), two children choirs, a high school youth group, and more. We ask that all children respect the social distancing guidance as best as they can.  

We believe that God put the wiggle in children and there's no need to suppress that in God's house. Let them sing, shout, and cry if that's what they need.  

We know that it isn't easy raising small children or children in faith. And we're here with you in this journey. Sing the hymns loudly, pray, and share in our collective enthusiasm as all being God's children. Attend worship as often as you can. And say hello to Pastor Marc's 3 kids (7, 5, and 1.5) when you're here. They'll be in the back, watching the service, playing with puzzles, and squealing with joy during the quiet parts. 

What if I’m not Lutheran/haven’t been to church in awhile/not sure where I stand on faith?
You are welcome here! We welcome you as Jesus welcomes all of us – embracing our issues and questions. Come to worship and let us welcome you into a community that is already your own!

How Do I Get Here? 
We're located at 32 Pascack Road, at the corner of Church Road and Pascack in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. We're just over the border from Hillsdale and you can't miss us. A map can be found here

Want to know more? Check out Pastor Marc's Page, his sermons, or email us