Special Gifts & the Ricci Fund

We all can envision Dominick entering the Narthex expecially this time of year with his spackle bucket full of fresh cut lilacs from his garden.  Please keep him in mind when thinking of ideas of how to best spend the wonderful gift he blessed our congregation with. 

Since Dominick Ricci’s passing in 2006 and the establishment of the Dominick and Anna Ricci Foundation in 2009, Christ Lutheran has received over $760,000.00 from the foundation through December, 2015.

These very generous gifts have been distributed based on a plan established by the congregation and to support projects proposed and approved by the congregation at regular meetings.

Care for Others
Over $50,000 has been distributed to fight hunger around the world and in our neighborhood with donations made to ELCA World Hunger, The Center for Food Action, Lutheran World Relief, The Hillsdale Food Pantry, The Pascack Food Center, Pascack Valley Meals on Wheels, Your Grandmother’s Cupboard and Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ. 

Over $65,000 for has been donated to local, national and international outreach organizations.  We have supported the Koinonia Capital Campaigns, Zion Lutheran School, , Debbie Kruegle’s work, Shelter our Sisters, ELCA Disaster Response for Haiti Earthquake Relief; Pacific Earthquake & Tsunami relief; Typhoon relief; Nepal relief and Malaria campaign, Lutheran World Relief’s “Fill the Well” and “Water is Life” projects, the ELCA Fund for Leaders; the Community Counseling Service of Pascack Valley,  the Community Hospice of Bergen County, the Joan D’Allesandro Memorial Foundation,  the Gavin Scimeca organ transplant fund and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Feeding and Celebrating our Faith
We've sponsored our 50th Anniversary celebration, teachign the bible through the Walk through the Bible program, the Youth & Family Institute “Passing On The Faith” program, multiple youth service projects and retreats including to Harvey Cedars and the National Youth Gathering in Detroit, funds for Sunday School programs, guest musicians and sheet music for special services including Easter and Christmas, and more. 

Planning for the Future
We have used over $130,000 for Mortgage Principle Reduction and set aside $30,000 to fund our own CLC Endowment fund.

We invested over $250,000 for capital improvements for the building and property, including a new parking lot, a new roof, new bathrooms and updating the church entrance. We also rebuilt our 30 year old community garden so it can continue to serve for another 30 years. 

Where To Go From Here? We need your ideas!

If Christ Lutheran Church were to receive thousands of dollars, what should we do with it?
            This is not a theoretical question—the church will receive additional monies from the Dominick and Anna Ricci Foundation and now must once again develop a plan for using the funds.
            The Special Gifts Disbursement Committee needs your help! We have already set 10% aside for reducing the mortgage, but we need your ideas for the other 90%. Per our charter we must use at least 10% in each of the following areas:
1.      Outreach Ministry or Benevolences to local community or worldwide
2.      Special Congregational Ministries
3.      Capital Improvement or Asset Replacement
            So come up with an idea, download the form from the CLC website or pick up a form from the mailboxes outside the church office, and drop the completed form back into our mailbox. Remember to give us the costs for your idea and have a Council member sign it before you return it. We will review every form we receive and develop recommendations for the Council to review.

Bill Hoenigmann,
The Special Gifts Disbursement Committee