Some days feel as if they are primarily designed for interruptions. I’m currently writing this message in my home, late at night, with the family safely in their beds. Outside, gusts of wind are hollowing by, shaking the icy tree branches above my head. Every gust of wind causes another garbage can to blow over, sending it careening down the street and making an awful racket as it blows by. All day, I tried to work on this edition of the Messenger, but I kept being interrupted by garbage cans being blown over. Every few minutes I’d look out my window to see my blue recycling can on the ground and I would rush out, hoping to secure every empty soda can and plastic milk jug before they blew out of reach. Every time I was outside, I would find another piece of plastic representing a food item that I didn’t buy or consume. I would pick it up, place it in my blue recycling can and pray that someone else was doing the same with those items that escaped my yard. Eventually, I grew tired of this game and gave up, placing the recycling back into my garage. And as I shut the garage door, I ended up seeing the garbage truck speeding by.

There are days when interruptions dominate what we expected to do. Some of these interruptions can be silly, like chasing recycling as it blows down the street. Others can be more serious, such as an unexpected crisis or accident. These interruptions end up interfering with our routine, upending our plans and sometimes throwing us off course. We can find ourselves suddenly off kilter, wondering if we’ll ever get back to the way we were before.

Yet, I’ve found every interruption comes with something that is uninterruptable: and that’s Christ’s love, mercy and forgiveness for each of us. I like to imagine Jesus was with me as I chased after that empty soda can, encouraging me to find ways to reduce my consumption so that I can help care for God’s creation. I also know that he is present with you, no matter what interruption you are going through. As we spend this month in the season after Epiphany, and before we face the truth of Lent, I invite you to hold tight to Christ through regular prayer, worship and study. Your life will be interrupted, but God’s love for you will not be. Enjoy this long season after Epiphany and look for the many ways Christ is always with you.

See you in church!
Pastor Marc