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Treasures: a sermon on Jesus, wealth, and being bigger than a universe of one.

7/31/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 12:13-21 

Vanity: What's our Worth and what's our meaning?

7/24/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 11:1-13 

Distracted: Mary and Martha isn't Mary VS Martha

7/17/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 10:38-42 

Do: a sermon on the Good Samaritan after Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas.

7/10/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 10:25-37 

Other Food: a sermon on Jesus, the 70 disciples, and what God's kingdom looks like.

7/3/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 10:1-11, 16-18 

We Didn't Start the Fire - a sermon on Jesus, rejection, and discipleship.

6/26/2016 Pastor Marc   Luke 9:51-62 

Demons - a sermon on Jesus, tombs, and life after the violence at Pulse, Orlando.

6/19/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 8:26-39 

Which Were Many: a sermon on a sinner, seeing, and Jesus the Critic

6/12/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 7:36-8:3 

Sat Up: A sermon on Jesus, seeing, and someone's first communion..

6/5/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 7:11-17 

Dependency: a sermon on worth, Jesus, and the National Spelling Bee.

5/29/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 7:1-10 

A Crowd: a sermon on Trinity Sunday, Jesus, and what a faith journey can look like.

5/22/2016 Pastor Marc  John 16:12-15 

We Are: a sermon on tomorrow and the Spirit.

5/15/2016 Pastor Marc  John 14:8-17, 25-27 

Who Hears: a sermon on how to end a book about the end (Revelation)

5/8/2016 Pastor Marc  Revelation 22:10-14,16-22 

Shine on It: a sermon on Connection and what God's Holy City looks like

5/1/2016 Pastor Marc  Revelation 22:10;22:1-5 

Sea No More: A sermon on Revelation 21:1-6, The Muppet Movie, and a God-of-all-tenses.

4/24/2016 Pastor Marc  Revelation 21:1-6 

Robed in White: A sermon on what Jesus' people look like in Revelation

4/17/2016 Pastor Marc  Revelation 7:9-17 

Myriads of Myriads: a sermon Learning God's Love Song

4/10/2016 Pastor Marc  Revelation 5:6-14 

Look! A sermon on images of Jesus and the book of Revelation

4/3/2016 Pastor Marc  Revelation 1:1-8 

Perplexed: an Easter sermon on breaking the silence.

3/27/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 24:1-12 

4 Reflections for Good Friday: the Passion According to John

3/25/2016 Pastor Marc  John 18-19 

Not My Feet: A Maundy Thursday Sermon on Remembrance

3/24/2016 Pastor Marc  1 Corinthians 11:33-36 

What Would Jesus Drive? A sermon for Palm/Passion Sunday

3/20/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 19:28-30 

Smell: a midweek Lenten reflection on Smell and Jesus

3/16/2016 Pastor Marc  John 12:1-3 

A Kiss: a sermon on Moses' Death and God's Kiss

3/13/2016 Pastor Marc   Deuteronomy 34 

Hearing: a midweek Lenten reflection on Hunger, Taste, and Jesus

3/9/2016 Pastor Marc  John 5:25-29 

Not Fair: a sermon on healing and cures

3/6/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 15:1-3,15-34 

Taste: a midweek Lenten reflection on Hunger, Taste, and Jesus

3/2/2016 Pastor Marc  John 2:1-10 

White Rapids: a sermon on sermon titles, Jesus, lost stories, and new life.

2/28/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 13:1-9 

Sight: a midweek Lenten sermon on seeing Jesus in a blurry world.

2/24/2016 Pastor Marc  Mark 8:22-25 

Touch: a midweek Lenten reflection on Touch, Jesus, and giving life

2/17/2016 Pastor Marc  Luke 7:11-15 

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Showing records 121 through 150.